Salvation message in many colours

I have been so blessed by listening to this CD. The message of salvation comes out through every song in such beautiful, uplifting and creative ways. We have been doing Bible Study with our neighbors and we make sure every one of them has Pam’s CD as they begin their new walk with God. It is so uplifting to them and to us. God has blessed you with a most wonderful gift my sister. This CD is a MUST for every Christian library.

– Carolyn


Gentle relaxing sounds

When I first listened to this CD I knew just the place to send it – to our local Christian Radio station. Whenever I’m in my vehicle driving any distance I enjoy listening to Pam’s voice. Some music penetrates to such a degree you cannot think of anything else. With Pam’s singing, I can continue my conversation with God as we both listen to her songs.


The one song that really speaks to me is “Is Anything Too Hard for God?”. Whenever I hear this one I start remembering all the times God has intervened in my life and just have to thank My heavenly Father again for all His merciful and gracious help.

Thank you Pam for this and I can’t wait for more from you.

– Alison


Blessings in the Little-Big Things

The music ministry of Pam Lister has truly been an inspiration to me. God has certainly blessed her with the voice of an angel and the gift of touching hearts in a very special way. This CD reminds me that while God has not promised an easy path, He will never forsake us if we walk with Him. Such a blessing to have a little piece of Pam’s music ministry everywhere I go. God bless!

– Judy G.


A beautiful CD and a jewel of a find

I enjoy listening to this cd of Pam Lister so much. Every piece is uplifting and encouraging. What a talent used in the Lords service. It is a blessing in my life!

– John C.


A wonderful addition to your gospel music collection.
Pam’s debut album of country gospel songs. A wonderful variety of songs that blend together to make up a CD that is a great addition to your music library. Her smooth voice makes each song a worship experience praising the Lord. Definitely a wonderful gift for friends and family.

– Glen S.