It’s a big deal

I don’t know about you, but when I run into difficulty while flying, it can be a little frustrating. Flights get delayed, you are inconvenienced and even the few concessions airlines make to appease unhappy customers always seems to have a string attached to their compensation.
I experienced that in May of this year. I was at the airport ready to fly to a small town in northern ontario( a 7 hour drive from my home in Toronto) when the flight was delayed, delayed again and then cancelled.
Now what? If i rented a car and left now, I might make it in time to do the Friday evening program, IF I had no issues on the drive, and stopped only for fuel. But I would be so tired and I had a full weekend of programs ahead.
All around me people were angry and upset. I tried to keep smiling, even though I was worried about the outcome. Eventually, a new plane was brought and I departed for my destination, 3 hours later than planned. The airline gave me a voucher towards my next flight ( which they said I had a year to book). Just a few weeks ago, I was invited by a church in another northern ontario town, to come and present a concert and testimony. I was happy to be able to apply the discount so the church would not have as a great of an expense in the transportation cost. BUT… apparently the voucher was only good for 6 months, and because my flight would depart 2 days after the 6 months, even though i was booking it a month early, wouldn’t apply.
I was disappointed and not altogether happy with the airline.
This morning I arrive well before 7 am, and start the checking in process for todays flight to Newfoundland where I will be working with It is Written Canada, a wonderful television ministry. As I attempted to check in, one agents computer was slow and so another came over to assist me, joking that he is the better agent anyway. The agent says if i like the service I can fill out a comment card. I smiled and told him I had done just that on a previous not so great experience, but no one had gotten back to me. I told him about the voucher experience and then we completed the rest of todays transaction. With many smiles and waves and jokes about who is the best, I made my way through security. Once in the lounge I settled in for the wait, and as I look up, see the agent walking towards me. Oop’s I think, they have caught on to me, as I know my carry on is way to heavy. But he settles in beside me and asks; is the voucher you were given going to be applied to the November 17 flight? yes, i said. He said here is the reference number, we are going to make sure it gets applied to that flight”.
I looked at him and said, “ this is an answer to prayer, that flight is to take me to a small community in northern ontario so I can work with the local pastors and present a concert for the community( I am a gospel singer I said). You just blessed this church with your kindness and this credit, now more money can go into the community event to reach people for Jesus. what a blessing you are, thank you !”
I am reminded that God is using people, everywhere, to help the furtherance of the gospel, even when the enemy throws up roadblocks. This morning I was feeling the discouragement from some trials, and petitioning God as I rode the moving sidewalk, to please give me joy in whatever situation so that I can be a blessing to someone. And within 5 minutes, He has this dear man, bless my efforts in music ministry with this gift, not for me, but for His church who is investing in its community by bringing me up to do music ministry.
Romans 8:28 says “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good,for those who are called according to His purpose.”
That was exactly the encouragement I needed this morning. We face challenges every day, in our homes, our workplaces, and in our relationships. And they are hard! really hard. God is letting us know, I’ve got this! don’t be discouraged! Our faith will take us farther then we’ve ever thought possible. He doesn’t require us to move mountains, or do anything beyond our human capabilities. He just needs us to be willing to keep moving forward for His glory, even when faced with storms in our life, because He will move the mountains, part the seas and open doors. All we have is His, and so we must extend His blessings to others as we are blessed. Today when you bless someone, they can know that it is God giving them a message of love through you.

October 20, 2016